Renting Long Term in Javea – An Important Tip

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Renting Long Term in Javea – An Important Tip

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A large percentage of our clients contact us because they plan on eventually moving to Javea permanently, but sensibly decide to rent and get to know the different areas of the town before taking the more permanent step of buying a property.

If you are thinking of doing the same, it is prudent to remember that coming to any resort town in Spain during the summer months will mean there are less long-term rental properties available than if you were to wait until September when the high season is over.

Property owners in resort towns have several choices when it comes to renting out their properties, which are the following:

Rent short term

Choosing this option, while a property may be empty for the best part of the year, and owner can charge premium rates during the summer months. The owner also has the benefit of being able to use the property himself if he wishes during low season.

Rent long term

While this option means an owner will not be able to take advantage of high rental income during the summer, he has the advantage of knowing he has a steady income for the duration of the long-term rental contract, which in most cases will be all-year round.

Rent on a six month basis during the winter and for short lets in the summer

This is the average owner’s Utopia, but in reality it is a scenario unlikely to play out. Finding tenants who only wish to rent for six months in the winter is often challenging, and most owners who attempt this route find although their property is in demand during the summer, they have no rental income for the remainder of the year.

As a would-be tenant, understanding the options open to owners in resorts is important, as it often means there are very few long-term lets available for immediate occupancy between May and September. This stands to reason, because if an owner has been unable to find tenants during the low season, he will naturally take advantage of the upcoming summer months where he can demand the same price for a week’s rent from a short term let, as he would get for a whole month (or longer) renting long term.

Therefore, if you plan on coming to Javea to rent on a long term basis of at least 6 months, it is optimal to search for a rental property between September and April, when you will find many more homes to choose from.

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